So here is a big Baman Piderman related announcement I felt the need to talk about in person rather then textually. I am incredibly awkward and self repeating in it, however, so I will type the short version here. Today I quit my full time position as an art director of an animation studio so that I could work full time on our web show. Alex also did this. This is a big deal to me, and I am pretty overwhelmed but grateful for an opportunity like this that can only be described as a dream. These past few months have been some of the hardest Alex and I have ever had to go through, which is something people who know us personally are sadly all too aware of. Family tragedy, incredible grief, and wading through the mire to try to keep your neck above drowning in those kinds of rough feelings. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have that have stuck by both me and Alex the past five months. Candidly I’ll admit too many people have seen me either crying or surly during it all, heh. Yet most of you are still all here! OH GOD. THANK GOD. ASDFSG

…Anyway what I’m saying is going through something so awful has helped me see that there is no point wasting time not charging at your dreams anymore, and with a little coercion from Alex I managed to fearfully leap into this with him. It is terrifying but in a wonderful way.

If it’s not too much trouble, please keep watching Baman Piderman and make your friends watch Baman Piderman and make their friend’s friends watch Baman Piderman and by god I think we can make this work and really make a ton of good content and maybe change the way in which animated content is presented as something only television can sustain. We have so many big ideas for you guys, and I hope you will keep following us.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU.

With all my love,

Lindsay Small-Butera

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    "please keep watching Baman Piderman and make your friends watch Baman Piderman and make their friend’s friends watch...
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    (( Good luck to you two! I hope all goes well! I drew Baman, Piderman, and Pumkin and the question sheet for my french...
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  11. mokomytha said: Best of luck to you guys. I love the show and even though you guys are probably nervous wrecks, I can tell that you’re also very excited. I hope nothing but the best and I’m looking forward to more Baman Piderman :)
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    She can count on me to continue watching it. :) ILY LINDSAY AND ALEX, YOU MADE THE BEST WEB SERIES IN DA WUUURRRRRLBS....